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Astrology and Tarot: Practical Divination for Daily Life

Updated: May 28, 2023

In the quiet whispers of the cosmos' grand design,

Lie divination's secrets, an ancient, sacred sign.

Guiding our journey, through the mystery of time,

In every card, every star, a destiny divine.

What Are Divining Tools?

Divining tools, often referred to as tools of divination, are instruments used to gain insight or predict outcomes. These tools serve as a medium to connect with the higher self, the universe, or spiritual entities, depending on one's belief system. Divination tools can be used to gain guidance, clarity, or confirmation in various aspects of life, including personal growth, decision-making, and spiritual development.

There are a wide variety of divining tools, each with its unique method and interpretation system. Some of the most popular divining tools include:

  1. Astrology: This is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs and the natural world. Your personal astrological chart, which is determined by the date, time, and place of your birth, serves as a divining tool providing insight into your personality traits, life's challenges, and potentials.

  2. Tarot Cards: A deck of Tarot cards, traditionally composed of 78 cards, is used for divination, meditation, or self-reflection. A tarot reading involves laying out the cards in specific spreads and interpreting the symbolic meanings of the cards in their specific positions.

  3. Rune Stones: Runes are symbols carved onto stones or pieces of wood. In a rune reading, stones are cast or drawn to form a spread, and the symbols are interpreted based on their positions and relationships to each other.

  4. Pendulums: A pendulum, typically a crystal or metal weight on a chain, is used for dowsing or obtaining yes/no answers to questions based on its swing direction.

  5. I Ching: An ancient Chinese divination method that involves casting coins or sticks and consulting the resulting hexagram in the I Ching, or "Book of Changes," for wisdom and advice.

While these tools offer guidance or predictive possibilities, it's important to remember that they do not determine a fixed future. Rather, they provide insight and perspective to aid in decision-making and personal growth. In this article, we will focus on Astrology and Tarot as used in the Liferise App.

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Astrology, an ancient celestial art, serves as a magical looking glass into the grand theatre of life. It deciphers the silent symphony of the sun, moon, stars, and planets as they waltz across the sky, interpreting their cosmic dialogue and its influence on our mortal existence.

The very heart of astrology holds a mirror to our soul – the birth or natal chart. This is a celestial masterpiece, a cosmic photograph capturing the precise moment we first drew breath. It reveals the positions of the celestial bodies, frozen in time, each one whispering secrets about our inherent nature, desires, strengths, and potential challenges.

Imagine your birth chart as a map of a hidden treasure, your life. Its intricate tapestry discloses profound truths about your essence – your emotional needs, mental acuity, creative abilities, and even your soul's unique life lessons. By deciphering the complex web of planetary positions and their interconnections, we may glean profound insights into our individual personality, relationships, career inclinations, and much more.

Astrology is not merely a tool for self-understanding, though. It serves as a celestial compass guiding us through life's tempestuous seas. By observing the present dance of the planets and how they interact with our birth chart—a practice known as transit astrology—we can discern the ebb and flow of cosmic energies shaping our current emotions, experiences, and potential future scenarios.

Predictive astrology does not carve a fixed future in stone. Instead, it paints a picture of possible destinies, a myriad of paths unfurling before us. It helps us identify auspicious timings, nudging us towards success, and it illuminates periods of potential turbulence, gifting us the wisdom to navigate challenges with grace.

Furthermore, astrology weaves an intricate narrative connecting us to the larger tapestry of life. Mundane astrology, as it's known, explores the profound relationship between celestial movements and worldly events, shedding light on the rhythmic dance of societal trends and global developments.

At its core, astrology is a divining tool that interweaves our life with the grand cosmic design, reminding us of our eternal connection to the universe. It is our celestial guidebook, filled with ancient wisdom, enlightening us on our journey through life. By tapping into this cosmic narrative, we not only embrace our place in the universe but navigate our path with deeper wisdom, awareness, and a sense of wonder.

Benefits of Tuning IntoYour Daily Horoscope

The daily horoscope is a beacon of light, illuminating the path we tread in the vast wilderness of life. It is a whisper of the cosmos, an intimate note from the universe, written in the stars and delivered to us each day with the promise of guidance and wisdom.

Reading your daily horoscope is like opening a celestial letter, a personal missive scribed by the hand of the cosmos. Each day, it provides a glimpse into the dance of the planets, sharing their cosmic rhythm and the celestial song they sing. This heavenly counsel can be a compass, guiding us through the day’s challenges with a gentle assurance. It informs us of potential obstacles, transforming them from unseen stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards personal growth.

Simultaneously, the daily horoscope highlights opportunities, like sparks of potential scattered across the day, waiting to be kindled into the flame of accomplishment. It encourages us to seize these moments, nudging us towards our dreams.

On a deeper level, the daily horoscope serves as a mirror, reflecting our inner emotional landscape against the backdrop of celestial movements. It invites introspection, stirring awareness of our feelings, motivations, and patterns. This daily ritual of self-reflection can enhance self-understanding and foster personal growth.

By embracing the wisdom of your daily horoscope, you align yourself with the cosmic tide. This alignment imbues life with a sense of synchronicity, a harmony that weaves the ordinary with the extraordinary, making everyday life a dance with the divine.

In essence, reading your daily horoscope is a form of celestial self-care, a quiet moment of communion with the cosmos, a daily ritual that connects us with the grand tapestry of the universe and our place within it. It is an act of mindful living, enriching our existence with a sense of purpose, wisdom, and a profound connection to the cosmic dance.

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Tarot's mystic language, stories to explore,

Unlocking wisdom, within ourselves we soar.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards serve as a beautiful instrument for introspection and personal growth, offering users a unique pathway to explore the landscape of their lives. They work not by predicting a rigid future, but by providing valuable insights that encourage contemplation, promote understanding, and guide decision-making. Here's a look at some of the benefits of using tarot cards:


Tarot cards are a powerful tool for self-reflection. They offer a fresh perspective, enabling users to view situations, relationships, and personal patterns from a new angle. By highlighting underlying dynamics and potential blind spots, tarot cards prompt introspection, encouraging users to delve deeper into their psyche.


Life is often filled with confusion, unanswered questions, and complex decisions. Tarot cards can provide clarity in these moments, illuminating potential paths and outcomes. They serve as a guiding light, helping individuals to navigate through life's uncertainties with greater confidence and clarity of thought.


The wisdom of tarot cards can serve as a compass, offering guidance in times of challenge or transition. The cards can provide practical advice, suggest possible solutions, and indicate areas where growth or change may be necessary. They are a trusted counselor, always on hand to provide direction.


Tarot cards promote personal empowerment by encouraging users to trust their intuition and wisdom. The cards suggest that we hold the answers we seek within us, and by stimulating introspection, they help individuals uncover these insights.


The practice of tarot reading encourages mindfulness. It's a moment of pause, a tranquil space where one can connect with their thoughts and emotions. This fosters a sense of peace, enhancing mental and emotional well-being.


Tarot cards can foster a deeper connection with the self and the universe. The symbolic language of tarot ties into broader cosmic themes, prompting users to consider their place in the larger tapestry of life. This can foster a sense of connectedness and purpose.

Personal Development:

Over time, regular engagement with tarot cards can stimulate personal development. By promoting self-awareness, clarity, and introspection, the cards support personal growth and transformation.

In essence, tarot cards are much more than a divination tool; they are a means of self-discovery, a guide through life's complexities, and a companion on the journey towards personal growth.

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Ancient stones, marked with symbols of old,

Rune stones, their stories waiting to be told.

Whispers from the past, etched in each line,

Divination's keys, unlocking wisdom divine.


Runes, the primordial language of enigma and whisper, etch a saga across time's veil. Each symbol, hewn from ancient wisdom, is a conduit to the deeper, unseen fabric of the cosmos. They are fragments of divination, carved by the long-dormant hands of ancestors, awash in the echoes of the past and the murmurs of the future. Not mere characters etched in stone or wood, runes are the sacred vessels that harbor the ripples of potentiality in their gnarled and weathered visages.

Emerging from the misty dawn of Northern Europe, the runes whisper tales of Viking seafarers, of the Old Norse language, of Odin's self-sacrifice for wisdom. In this timeless legacy, runes have found their role as a divining tool. Every individual rune is an emblem, a tactile touchpoint to the forces that shape and drive our universe, an elegant silhouette against the raw canvas of existence.

Employing runes as a means of divination is like tracing one's fingers over the invisible threads of destiny. When cast onto a sacred cloth, or drawn from a bag in the solitude of contemplation, each rune falls or is chosen not by coincidence, but by the purposeful winds of Fate. In their presence, one may glimpse the weave of the Norns, the Norse goddesses of destiny, who spin the threads of life, death, and the many paths between.

A rune reading isn't a precise roadmap of inevitability, but rather a lantern illuminating unseen currents and hidden opportunities. It is a conversation with the universe, an intimate dance with the divine. It whispers insights of the past, reflections of the present, and echoes of the future, acting as a compass guiding towards enlightenment, self-awareness, and a greater understanding of the cosmos's grand symphony.

Each runic symbol carries its unique rhythm, its distinct melody in the symphony of existence. For instance, the Fehu rune hums with the vibrancy of wealth, prosperity, and new beginnings, while Hagalaz hums with the tumultuous strains of disruptive forces and transformation. Understanding these melodies, these complex layers of symbolism and metaphor, is to converse in the language of the soul.

Whether inscribed upon stone, whispered into the wind, or manifested in the ebb and flow of our lives, runes endure as a timeless connection to the elemental forces that guide our paths. They are the echoes of ancient wisdom, reverberating into the present, a gentle whisper guiding those who dare to listen through the complex labyrinth of existence.


A pendulum, in its divine purpose, serves as a bridge between the material and the immaterial, the known and the unknown. Like a silent oracle suspended in time, it dances at the delicate interface of consciousness and the universe, an extension of the subconscious mind, channeling answers to questions that lie hidden within the shadows of uncertainty.

Crafted with elegance, a pendulum may be a simple weight on a string, or an intricate piece of metal, gemstone, or crystal, intricately worked and polished to a perfect point. Each, regardless of its earthbound composition, sways with the rhythm of unseen forces, providing a conduit for the whispers of the cosmos to find voice in our mortal realm.

To use a pendulum as a divining tool, one must first steep oneself in a space of tranquility, becoming attuned to the subtle vibrations of the universe. With a question poised upon the lips of thought, the pendulum is held aloft, suspended in an arc of possibility. What transpires next is a ballet of mystical physics, an entrancing dance between the wielder's energy and the greater cosmic forces at play.

The pendulum begins its dance, swaying in a gentle rhythm that belies the depth of its purpose. It swings in response, not to the nudges of physical motion, but to the undulating energies of the universe. Its movement might trace the shape of yes or no, a positive or negative, or any pattern of significance assigned by the seer, guided by the currents of intuition.

As it sways, each pendular oscillation whispers a message, a direction, a confirmation or revelation. It reveals what might otherwise remain shrouded in the enigma of the cosmos, making tangible the intangible, giving form to the formless. In this cosmic ballet, the pendulum transcends its physical form to become a mystical compass, navigating the profound waters of the unseen.

The pendulum’s dance is an ancient one, echoing across the aeons, a timeless divination tool that still captivates and guides the seekers of truth. It serves as a testament to our innate longing to understand, to seek answers, and to communicate with the universe in its boundless, enigmatic language. Amidst its hypnotic oscillations lies the subtle rhythm of existence, a sacred melody waiting to be understood by those willing to listen with their hearts.


In the heart of ancient China, a timeless divination system was conceived, one that has blossomed through millennia yet retains its profound mystery and relevance. This is the I Ching, the Book of Changes, a living testament to the flowing rhythms of the cosmos. At its core lie the I Ching sticks, slender vessels of insight, like bamboo whispers reaching out from the past into the vibrant resonance of the present.

Each stick in the I Ching is an embodiment of wisdom, a tangible echo of the eternal dance between Yin and Yang, the elemental dualities of existence. They are touched by the essence of heaven and earth, bearing the imprints of the eight trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, patterns of broken and unbroken lines that map the profound and shifting landscapes of life.

When one consults the I Ching, it is not a mere question posed, but a journey embarked upon, a voyage across the tranquil yet powerful currents of cosmic wisdom. The querent, often steeped in reverence, gently grasps a handful of these sacred sticks, whispering their inquiries into the unseen realms of the universe. Then, with a gentle stir of intention, they let each stick fall, one by one, onto a soft surface, crafting the story of their inquiry in the language of the cosmos.

The formation of the hexagrams through this casting process is not a mere game of chance, but an elegant dance of cosmic synchronicity. It's as if the very fabric of time and space bends to the will of the seeker's question, and the sticks, those humble vessels of wisdom, align in response to the divine whispers of the universe. Each line of the hexagram, broken or unbroken, reverberates with the harmonies of Yin or Yang, forming a unique pattern that reveals an illuminating insight, a cryptic guidance, a hint towards the path one must tread.

The Book of Changes, the sacred guide to interpreting these symbols, lends its ancient voice to the patterns, narrating a poetic response to the seeker’s inquiry. It’s like a conversation with the universe, a dialogue with the Dao, the Way of all things, providing profound wisdom about the nature of change and how one can harmoniously move with life's endless transformations.

In its silent melody, the I Ching embodies a beautiful paradox, for while it is grounded in the wisdom of the past, it breathes and evolves with the rhythms of the present, forever applicable and ceaselessly enlightening. Through the I Ching sticks, the universe sings its subtle song, guiding those who seek to understand the harmonies of existence, providing a spiritual compass in the ever-flowing river of change.

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